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Maui is home to much more than the beach (beautiful as they are!) From a stunning shield volcano, diverse micro-climates, and water sports for every adventure level, we have your guide to all the activities that await when you book a Maui vacation rental!  

Maui Water Sports

Maui is a hub for all things water sports! There are plenty of ways to get out on the water yourself during a Maui vacation. Some of our favorite activities on the water include going for a sunset sailboat excursion, trying your hand at surfing, stand-up paddle boarding on calm waters, and paddling along in an outrigger canoe. The best view of the island can be found offshore, paddling or sailing on a boat! Don’t miss out on these water-sport activities during your Maui vacation!

Outrigger canoes on a Maui beach

For those who aren't used to surfing record-breaking waves, surfing can be a spectator sport! When the conditions are right, the Pe’ahi Surf Break* (aka Jaws) is a prime spot to watch world-class surfers catch a wave. The waves grow so large that surfers can only catch a wave by being towed in by a jet ski. Spectators can catch a glimpse of the surfers from the Pe’ahi cliffs. 

A helicopter watching surfers at Pe’ahi
Haleakala Silversword

Eco-Tourism Maui

Maui’s unique environment is a haven for outdoor adventurers. To really appreciate and respect nature, we recommend taking a few guided tours or practicing the best practices as you explore on your own. During whale-watching season, there are a handful of local organizations that take visitors out on boat tours. Get out on the water yourself to watch the whales breach from a respectful distance.

Other ecological wonders lie at the summit of Haleakala. This unique environment is not only home to Hawaii’s state bird, the Nene, but also boasts the occasional Haleakala Silversword, a rare succulent. The Kula Botanical Garden is another eco-tourism destination where visitors can view and learn more about Maui’s indigenous flora.

Drive the Road to Hana or See Maui By Air

If you rent a car during your vacation, the Road to Hana is a fun day trip filled with plenty of adventure! The 52-mile drive from Kahuli to Hana is slow going with narrow roads including sharp turns and even one-lane bridges. Along the way, stop at stunning waterfalls and enjoy the scenic views of the ocean from above. If you want to take the pressure of of yourself, take a tour led by an experienced driver who can navigate the winding road for you. 

A view of the road to Hana

For even more of a thrilling ride, take a helicopter ride! Choose between rides that take you over the western side of the island, Hana, Haleakala, or a complete tour of the island. Along the way enjoy incredible views of the island as well as waterfalls, valleys, and Maui's mountains! 

A view of Maui from a helicopter


A whale breeches off the coast of Maui

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