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We know Maui 

From the beautiful ocean waters and sandy beaches to the Haleakalā shield volcano, we know and love the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Our family-owned business has been operating on the beautifully diverse island for over 40 years. We want our guests to fall in love with the island just as we did so many years ago.  

Digital Marketing Services 

Owners that partner with Bello Realty, Inc. will receive the benefits of our digital marketing efforts including a direct booking website. The direct booking website provides up-to-date information on our vacation rental’s nightly rates, and availability, and allows 24/7 secure booking. 

Maui Vacation Rental Management and Maintenance 

Our team will assist homeowners in managing the ins and outs of Maui vacation rentals. We will ensure our properties are always ready to impress guests and maintain your property in immaculate condition. 

Maui Long-Term Rental Management and Maintenance 

Homeowners looking to rent their homes for the long term can also benefit from our services! Long-term rentals are a minimum of 6 months and require a rental agreement. Our team will assist you in managing the complexity of owning a long-term rental in Hawaii. We will ensure that your home is well taken care of from tenant to tenant.  

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