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couple walking on beach, holding hands at suset

Marriage is the start of an unforgettable adventure, and there’s no better way to celebrate your union than by planning the honeymoon of your dreams. In Maui, you’ll find an island paradise offering a blend of beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and rich culture, making...

aerial shot of Makena beach on Maui

Before planning a vacation to Maui, it’s helpful to do some research on the island’s weather. Though it’s true the climate is enjoyable all year long, there are certain nuances that can make a big difference if you’re not prepared. From micro-climates to seasonal activities,...

Palm trees and ocean view on Maui

Hawai‘i residents and visitors are encouraged to make travel plans to Maui and support the island’s businesses, restaurants, retail outlets, attractions, and accommodations. All previous restrictions for travel to West Maui communities north of Lahaina will be lifted October 8, and no one should be discouraged or reluctant to go and support the businesses and workers that rely on tourism in West Maui for their families’ livelihood.

landscape view of maui beach

Maui, with its stunning weather, immaculate beaches, and brilliant waters, is a vacation destination that draws people from all over to its sandy shores each year. Whether you’re chasing the first fresh offerings of a Maui farmer’s market in spring, enjoying summer’s beautiful beach sunsets,...

starfish stuck upright in sand with a santa hat on top and ocean in background

It’s here! The most wonderful time of the year! Everywhere you turn, trees, houses, and businesses are adorned with beautiful sparkling lights, your favorite holiday tunes have started filtering onto your radio stations, decorations are going up, and families everywhere are preparing for another holiday...


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