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3 Aug 2022
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Why learn Hawaiian terminology?

You may know “Aloha” and “Mahalo”, but there are many more Hawaiian words and phrases with nuanced meanings that you can use to express yourself!

Also, despite being one of the oldest living languages, it is only spoken only by about 0.1% of the people who live in Hawaii  today.

Our Favorite Words and Phrases 

  • “E komo mai” - Welcome
  • “E Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi” -  Love one another
  • “Lanai” -  Patio or balcony
  • “Waina” - Wine!
  • “Pupu” Platter – A plate of appetizers 
  • “Pomaika’i” - Good luck or good fortune
  • “Kuleana” – Responsibility
  • “Pau hana” - Time after work
  • “Mahalo Nui Loa” - Thank you very much
  • “A hui hou” - Until we meet again

Other Places to Learn 

Instagram is a great place to learn! The Hua Olelo Account is a wonderful account for upping your Hawaiian vocabulary.

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